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The Ask

Canada is a multicultural country, and if you exclude particular demographics from your marketing plan, you’re undercutting your potential growth as a business. Especially when one of those groups — Muslim Canadians — number close to a million-and-a-half individuals, with a growth rate far exceeding any other ethnic demographic. But, with a lack of available data, how do you know what an underrepresented group wants?

The Insight

It’s not that difficult, in theory — you ask them. So, we did.

The Execution

Since 2014, Nourish has created 6 annual Halal Shopper Study surveys. With over 1000 respondents from across Canada participating, the study produces actionable data and insights to help guide our clients’ multicultural strategies and ad spend. The Halal Shopper Study is the go-to resource for data and insights into the Muslim community for industry and government.